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Dear Tiki and Pixie,

You two girls are driving me crazy. I know you are both in heat, but still, your humping attempts need to go bye-bye. I admit, at first it was cute and I giggled, but now, not so cute. And if you just have to try to hump eachother, try not to wait until getting into bed with me. I need sleep.

With love,

p.s. I still find you two utterly adorable.

Dear Gina,

You know I love my job, right? Okay. I just have to say, though, making me, Katie, and Brian stick around at work with nothing to do while the rest of you are on a photoshoot is really not cool. And those projects you handed to us when you got back from the photoshoot? Yeah, those could have been done while we were googling crap and playing on ebaumsworld. And just so you know, I've almost mastered Stackopolis.

Katy - web designer

Dear Tim,

You're wonderful and I love you.


Dear Easter Bunny,

I miss you. I miss being small. And I miss hunting plastic colored eggs filled with who-cares-what so long as they made noise when I shook them.

A girl who still believes in you

Dear Melissa,

I miss you. Why haven't you written me? You've been at basic for nearly a month and I've heard nothing from you. I know you're doing great, but still, I miss you terribly. And so does Lacey. We haven't been to 6th St. together since you left -- it just wouldn't be the same. Do you remember that time we were at Howl at the Moon and Lacey filled out that paper to win a free party? Well, she won! Yep, she won a party for 100 people and she's having it this Friday, April 1. We'll drink and sing and dance in your honor. I promise. And when the band plays Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, Lacey and I will make fools of ourselves just for you. No doubt. Oh, and we'll get there on time so we don't have to pay the cover and we'll take cement mixers like champs because they taste like ice cream afterwards (why are we the only ones who think that?). Damn, I miss you!

With love,
Katy q.

p.s. Mr. Brightside still plays for you.

12:29 p.m. - March 27, 2005


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